Andrew Marica

Multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter from Bucharest, Romania best known for his previously released single ‘Eyes Closed’ which marks the proper debut of his career as a singer/songwriter and is the first track to be taken from the Bucharest-based artist’s forthcoming debut EP. Marica’s ability to deliver powerful, delicate and honest music and lyrics with his striking voice, is a brilliant example of how modern folk music should sound, simple, mellow and heartfelt.

1. First things first, how did you get into music?
It all started when I was 14 years old, after a short visit to my grandparents house where I picked up an old guitar from the attic. At first I just played with it as it was, trying to learn how to use it by my own. Few months later I figured out how to tune it, figured out the chords pattern and even did a cover to Jimmy Eat World’s Hear you me song.

2. What's your earliest music related memory?
guess the correct answer to this one is dancing in early childhood to Michael Jackson’s Bad album.

3. Do you remember the first song you ever made?
ver since I started playing that old rusty guitar, back when I was 14, all my efforts towards learning the instrument was basically through composition. I always used to record myself doing this and that but the early stuff is long gone and forgotten.

4. Name 3 massive influences of your sound and why, how they helped shape you.
One of my first discoveries in the field of artists who played mostly acoustic was Jack Johnson. His natural way to sing both with his voice and the guitar, nothing fancy, just beautiful written music, certainly made an impact in my early development stages. Later on I made contact with Bon Iver’s music, one of my favourite songs of all time being Re: Stacks from his album Emma, Forever ago, which is a perfect example that you don’t need a big team of producers to deliver heartfelt music. More recently I fell in love with Ben Howard’s unique voice and style ever since he released his debut album “Every Kingdom”. The song called Promise is by far my favourite on that album. I guess these last two albums taught me how to better express feelings and sculpt through music.

5. What does a usual day in your life look like?
Soon as I wake up I only think of coffee. If it’s a good day I’ll maybe have a chance to go through my music and work on it or maybe write something new. If it’s a bad day I’ll probably just listen to something that I like. I do have these sponge-like periods when I just listen to different stuff trying to figure out my own take on music.

Youtube: I Just Wanna Go : Eyes Closed : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EF4Qm1z_tWI Forever Gone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7GbTfmPbfs

6. What was your most challenging moment as an artist?
like all challenges and I think of them as learning opportunities so all these moments felt important at their time but I have a health related issue to mention here. Almost 6 years ago I had a nasty case of acute laryngitis which left me unable to sing for quite some time and I think it kinda changed my voice too.

7. The highlight moment of your career?
Every time I get a new song out I treat it like a highlight moment but I guess the fact that my previously released single “Eyes Closed” is approaching 1 mil streams on Spotify is kind of a highlight.

8. What's your songwriting process like?

I normally start on guitar or piano and then add the lyrics as the songs progresses but it’s not a routine. Sometimes I can hear the song completely produced in my head and then try to record it as true to the original idea as I can. Sometimes I just get lucky and the whole song flows from start to finish. Then comes the mix and master routine which I prefer to do myself.

9. What are your 3 desert island albums?
Incubus - A crow left of the murder Ben Howard - Every Kingdom Coldplay - Parachutes

10. Name one person you're most grateful for in your musical journey.
am grateful for all the people who encouraged and still encourage me, always will, but I am most grateful to my parents, as one.

11. What advice would you tell your younger self?
Playing an instrument and performing isn’t everything, you need to learn production so that you can polish your work to perfection.

12. Any advice for someone just starting out into music?
Same as above and don’t let dead moments bring you down. Music means diversity, so find inspiration in everything and nurture and accept your own style of doing things. Always ask for feedback and accept it as it is.

13. What does the future hold for you? New releases, tour, interesting projects?
I’ll always be working on new music and I hope I’ll have some new material soon. This process is quite relative to the song. I also plan to have a live act when my portofolio gets bigger.

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