We Singing Colors

We Singing Colors is romanian indie-pop at its best, one of the few veteran bands to hold up since 2011 and tour in the UK, Japan and India, have live radio and stage appearances in Spain, Bulgaria and Moldova.
Underdog had the pleasure to release their latest album "Lone Learner" back in 2018.
Tuesday 25th February 2020 brings a new video release of their latest song, Nomad @ Expirat Bucharest!
Andrei goes through the interview with us.

1. First things first, how did you get into music?
I was in University, in Iasi, and just started a band with my brother and some friends (Codrin, Parel) called Lunchbox. It was about year 2002. Made some songs, played some gigs than I moved to Bucharest where I started my first real band, The Amsterdams, we released 4 albums and an EP so far.

2. What's your earliest music related memory?
Listening to old songs (romante) or folk mumblings in the kitchen from my parents. Or, the Kashtan tapes of my uncle, Gica, who copied and made for me the first mixtapes, feat. Bon Jovi, Beatles, Michael Jackson and maybe Azur... I remember my first casette was Bon Jovi, a best of pirated thing. First cd... couldn't tell, one of Moby maybe?. I remmeber also being very very little, asking my mom to buy me the first Holograf vinyl, which I saw in a shop in Iasi and caught my eye. I remember there were 4 songs on it, Ochi tai was one of them. Never listened to it because we never had a pickup. I don't have one even now :) And than again, I remember the music that used to come out of the speakers in the neighbourhood, back in the '90's. Stuff like Lambada, Snap, Vanilla Ice were the songs of my youth. But... one of the most important song is Obsession by Army of Lovers. I remember riding my bike when I was around 6 or 7 and listening to this beautiful song coming out from a balcony in Iasi, parcul Voievozilor, on max volume. I remember stopping the bike and just listening to that beat and vocals for some magic minutes than moved on.

3. Do you remember the first song you ever made?
I think it was called No blues attached, with my first band in Iasi, Lunchbox, including my brother on drums.

4. Name 3 massive influences of your sound and why, how they helped shape you.
I think Coldplay is surely one of them. After copying their first album, Parachutes, I remember coming home around 5 A.M. And listening to it early sunrise. It was magic. Smashing Pumpkins would be another band I loved to hear. Anathema, Tiamat, Silverchair are also some of my metal influences, who later tranformed into these sad parts I sometimes use in my lyrics. Metallica, I think Nothing else matters on the guitar is one of the first things you learn. Bloc Party, Interpol, Franz and all the indie gangs around 2010 were a big influence for me, Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, later, who helped me rediscover some acoustic parts of me. Radiohead, also, Stereophonics, Oasis, of course, which made me write a verse about their break up gig in Paris, as I was waiting in the crowd for their concert. I think The Horrors and Klaxons also had a bit of impact, for the crazy part they put on, which was a thng I touched a bit on the first singles.

5. What does a usual day in your life look like?
Waking up early morning, for the past 2 years. Having a bit of breakfast maybe, not on a daily basis. Open up the obsessical phone for checking up stuff. Around noon definetely going out for a walk or bike, usually I try to to ride the bike on a daily basis, if ewather's nice. Than eating, listening some youtube, sometimes cooking and than focusing on mixing or songs I have to finish and mails to send. And thru all these some writing, as I'm a freelance writer for a living and also for me, lyrics for songs. I can't really say it's an usual routine, as I mix all these activities during the week days. But what I realized lately, walking and moving it's a mandatory thing for me, it's hard to sit in one place :)

6. What was your most challenging moment as an artist?
Maybe the releasing of every album. It's a lot of tensions around, deadlines to meet, visits to radios, tech rider to write and rehearsals to be made. Also, departure of some members it's always hard times. Playing in prison in Slovenia last year, was also an experience, thinking maybe too much on how that performance it's gonna be and what exactly should we transmit to theose guys.

7. The highlight moment of your career?
I think it differs from year to year. I'm a big fan of travelling, so I include all my musical journeys in my list as a highlight, as I think it's a gift to be a touring musician. So, from this point of view I'd say playing shows in India, Japan, UK, Moldova, France, Bulgaria, Spain were some of the highs, as I wanted to play for these people.

8. What's your songwriting process like?
Musically its a bit easier, as your hands and vocals maybe follow more easily the notes you hear in your head. But, I remember in the first years, it used to be a bit more organic and instant. It was basically strumming the guitar up to a point where I would say, ok, that's it, let's record it. Now it takes a bit more time until the final song is out, maybe I hear too much production in my head, so my first instinct is now, ok, that's it, let's contact a real producer to make this into a song. But usually I love riding my bike with a demo in my ears, and when I'm back home I have the solution to the song. So, it's always good for me to detach from the ambient I write music. In order to get back at it full option.

9. What are your 3 desert island albums?
I think it has to be something I never heard before, as I would be already bored with what I had so far, so why not try something new for thse lonely years? But, at least they could be from Anathema, Talk Talk and Whitesnake.

10. Name one person you're most grateful for in your musical journey.
My dad, for giving me the money to buy a guitar and tolerate it while learning.

11. What advice would you tell your younger self?
Don't mind about the hair, it won't go away :)

12. Any advice for someone just starting out into music?
I remember the advice I got via television, from Fran Healy, Travis: if you're banging that guitar this moment, you're on the right track. Keep doing it. It might be a laptop or any other sound creating object. Dont listen to critics.

13. What does the future hold for you? New releases, tour, interesting projects?
We're about to release a new video, for Nomad, on 25 February in Club Control. Also, just finished a new single, Default Tone.

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