Underdog artist To the South, Bluebird lands on Carrefour TEX advertisement

'Inside the Lion's Mouth' from To the South, Bluebird was chosen as the background for a beatifully choreographed act from Carrefour's clothing division, TEX.
Directed by acclaimed romanian artist Hypno.


New interview | alin dimitriu

Alin Dimitriu tells us all about his past, present and future

Recently known for his deep-house tracks and remixes for well know artists from Romania and abroad, Alin Dimitriu started his music making career 18 years ago. Although being classically trained in music, he started paying attention to the electronic music scene being attracted by the infinite timbral possibilities of the genres related to electronic music.


New Playlist | Ambient | Focus

New Underdog curated playlist for reading, meditation, programming or just relaxing

Brian Eno is the English synthesist who first coined the term "ambient" and is widely revered as one of the most innovative and influential recording artists in contemporary music. It is only fitting that he's a big part of this playlist, curated by Underdog artist Platonic Scale, avid Eno fan. Alongside him you will find multiple artists across a wide range of 'ambient' soundscapes, from piano, drones, orchestra or nature sounds.


ALLA | ALBATROSS | Single Release

Singer-songwriter and producer ALLA releases 80s infused shimmer pop tune

With layered guitars and hazy airy vocals, the new number from the Romanian songstress and multi-instrumentalist is a salt air infused sun-soaked anthem that intertwines melancholy, poptimism and a dash of 80s nostalgia in a fresh and unusual manner.

ALLA stays true to her trademaked approach to songwriting, disguising the rather dark or strange subject matters she approaches in her lyrics by enveloping them in unassuming synthy vibes and charming laid back melodies.

Based on the rich symbolism that surrounds the animal whose name it carries, Albatross takes its inspiration from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, a XVIIIth Century poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge that establishes the albatross as both an omen of good or bad luck, as well as a metaphor for a burden to be carried as penance.

Bucharest based classically trained musician ALLA started studying music at 6 years old as a pianist and guitarist and started writing, composing and producing her own music at 13 years old. The daughter of a famous 70s/80s singer in highly oppressive communist Romania, ALLA grew up surrounded by music and believing in it as the universal language of mending whatever is broken.

Now a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, theatre and film composer and music producer, ALLA has already toured all over Europe with various music projects and played some of the biggest stages in the country in both the pop/electronic as well as the classical music world, from Untold Festival to The National Romanian Opera.

From bubbly alt-pop to dark electronica, from layered acoustic folk to classical contemporary compositions, ALLA’s music remains at its core a journey of self discovery through one’s craft. Flawed, vulnerable and honest.

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New Playlist | Indie | Made in Romania

New Romanian Indie music Playlist curated by Underdog

There are few and far between music sites or sources where romanian Indie lovers can keep up to date and engage with their favourite music. Underdog took on this challenge and promises to update the 'Made in Romania' playlist updated weekly. Featuring tracks from the most beloved and known romanian artists but also up and coming acts that pass the quality threshold.
If you know any artists (or are one) that should be featured here, do give us a sign at hello[@]underdog.live or through the Contact page.


Yoon | Beginnings | EP Release

Romanian duo Yoon release an EP containing the first tracks that put them on the map of electronic music. “The Mirror Can’t Hear You”, “Nur” and “The Believers” – with vocals from Yanka and three more instrumental tracks can now be found on all major distribution platforms: iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer etc.

Yoon had it’s third official release, following two more on London label “Junkdog”, formed by Faithless members Sister Bliss and Rollo Armstrong, known for their now-classic electronic status.

The Yoon duo also played live gigs alongisde artists like Armin Van Buuren, Apparat, Slow Magic and others. “Beginnings”, as it’s name portrays, marks a new start in their evolution and a journey they will continue on Underdog Records.

Stream & Download | "The Mirror Can’t Hear You” Video Facebook